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Published Reviews


The play Two by Jim Cartwright (Nestor co-produced and acted)

The Irish Times – Gerry Colgan: “Shane Nestor is excellent and at times brilliant in his roles.”


The Sunday Tribune – Rachel Andrews: “Shane Nestor and …deliver strong, fluid performances at all times (Nestor is particularly hilarious as Moth, the seedy disco dancer)…it manages to provide a platform for two fine acting talents. Here’s hoping we see them again.”


Metro“Nestor is just as assured as her husband, whose cold indifference belies his silent suffering…this production remains deeply impressive.”


Ireland on Sunday:  “Shane Nestor and …pull out all the stops in creating contrasting characters.


Analivia: “…so interesting…fantastic to watch…”

The play Oleanna by David Mamet (Nestor produced, directed and acted)

The Irish Times – Gerry Colgan: “Shane Nestor’s John moves convincingly from authority and intellectual hubris to humiliating defeat. Mamet’s coruscating play is in good hands here.”


The Sunday Tribune – Rachel Andrews: Young theatre company Looking Through Windows take on David Mamet’s controversial and difficult play with quite considerable aplomb…Shane Nestor is a fine fluid actor who gives his all; his ability is clear in the final, shockingly dramatic scene which could so easily fail but is perfectly realised here.”


The Evening Echo – Liam Heylin: “Oleanna packs a powerful punch…Shane Nestor is utterly credible as the young professor…a nicely buzzing  and energetic version of an often ugly and provocative play”

The play True West by Sam Sheppard (Nestor produced, directed and acted)


The Irish Examiner – Patrick Brennan: “Thanks to Shane Nestor and his truly excellent version of True West…Nestor’s performance as Lee is stunning and he is excellently supported by the cast…With a venue as atmospheric as this, performances staged at an interesting time…this particular True West is essential viewing. Let’s hope we see Nestor do more work and revive True West around the country. Brilliant stuff.”

The play Miss Canary Islands 1936 by Conall Quinn (Nestor acted)

The Irish Times – Susan Conley: “Nestor’s dead-pan Largo a real treat.”


The Sunday Tribune – Rachel Andrews: “Shane Nestor milks his role to great effect.”


Rattlebag – Peter Crawley: “Fine performance from Shane Nestor.”